Niveles y equivalencia

Common European Framework
GAIA Institute GAIA Institute Level Descriptor European Certification (Università per stranieri di Peugia) CILS (Università per Stranieri di Siena) PLIDA (Dante Alighieri)
A1 Breakthrouh 1 Beginner Students have a low knowledge of the language so they can communicate at a minimal level. CILS A1 PLIDA A1
A2 Waystage 2.1 Elementary I Students achieve a basic level of understanding and communication.
2.2 Elementary II
3 Pre-Intermediate In this level, students gain a fairly good knowledge of Italian in order to interact in simple everyday situations. CELI 1 CILS A2 PLIDA A2
B1 Threshold 4 Intermediate I Students reach a medium level in order to interact more securely with the surrounding environment.
5 Intermediate II Even if the language is not accurate, the students achieve a greater fluidity of language and they can communicate in most everyday situations. CELI 2 CIC Intermedio CILS 1 - B1 PLIDA B1
B2 Vantage 6 Upper-Intermediate/ Pre-Advanced Students have a wide range of vocabulary and a command of all basic grammatical structure. CELI 3 CILS 2 - B2 PLIDA B2
C1 Effective Operational Proficiency 7 Lower Advanced Students can easly comprehend natural spoken and written italian. CELI 4 Cic Avanzato CILS 3 – C1 PLIDA C1
C2 Mastery 8 Upper Advanced At the end of this course, students, achieve native speaker competence. CELI 5 CILS 4 – C2 PLIDA C2